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Rescue Members

Members assist animals by removing them from shelters whenever possible, and from homes where they are no longer loved or wanted. They then work to place them in permanent adoptive homes. Many are fostered by CABRA members, while others are placed through direct referral.

CABRA screens its members carefully to assure quality for both the animal and the adopter. Members have agreed to abide by an established Code of Ethics. CABRA requires that all rescue animals be neutered or spayed, health checked, and current on all shots prior to adoption.

Our Rescue Partners

Airedale Terrier

Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue

Rose:  623-362-1141 /

Sidney (Tucson):  800-688-1402 /


Australian Shepherd

Aussie And Friends Rescue

Jane:  602-930-9384 /

Boston Terrier

Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue

David: 602-751-0333 /


Saving Orphaned Souls Rescue (S.O.S.)

Ro: 347-308-0352 /



Small Dog Rescue

Jan:  623-561-1401 /

Marilyn - 623-979-6831


Tundra Shepherd Rescue

John: 602-971-6492 /

Cocker Spaniel

Angels2U Cocker Rescue

Judy:  602-432-3114 /


Collie  (rough and smooth coat)

Southwest Collie Rescue

Bill:  602-525-3313 /

Cindy:  602-570-2951 /


Linda: 602-550-4088 /

German Shepherd

Southwest German Shepherd Rescue

Steff:  602-866-2880 /

Nicki (Tucson): 520-403-6036 /​


White German Shepherd Rescue

Nancy:  602-863-1519 /



Small Dog Rescue

Jan:  623-561-1401 /


Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue

Susan: 520-850-9504 /

Jeanette: 623-261-1695 /


Small Dog Rescue

Jan:  623-561-1401 /


Saving Orphaned Souls (SOS)

Ro: 347-308-0352 /

Shetland Sheepdog

Arizona Sheltie Rescue

Bill:  602-525-3313 /

Cindy:  602-570-2951 /


Shih Tzu

Jan:  623-561-1401 /

Small Dog

Jan:  623-561-1401 /


Arizona Weimaraner Rescue

Rebecca:  602-478-7077 /


Whippet Rescue

Barbara:  520-326-2170 /


John: 602-971-6492 /

Updated 01/22/2022

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